Jesus’ primary mission for his church is simple: Go and make more true disciples in the world - starting locally in their own cities, then to their nation, and inevitably internationally into the entire world. 

At Northbridge, we Pray, Serve, Invest, and Go to help bring the love and truth of Almighty God to a world around us that so desperately needs Him.


community events

Our local missions focus engages our community directly. Neighborhood outreach events, kids-oriented events, an annual live drama each Christmas, partnering locally to reach the least of these”, offering "ESL" classes to the international community, and engaging in local evangelism outreaches are just some of the exciting ways we engage. 


 mission projects

On the nationally focused missions level, we support and join the work of the North American Missions Board (www.namb.net ).  Through NAMB, we engage in short-term mission trips to regional and sometimes national locations, often aimed at coming alongside local churches or ministries that are working in their own contexts to change lives for Jesus. 



On the international missions level, we support the ministry of the International Missions Board (www.imb.org), which has thousands of missionaries around the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus. We also have our own international missions partnership in Israel, actively supporting the Arab-Israeli Christian community in reaching their own people for Jesus.


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