Checking out a church to fellowship with can sometimes feel overwhelming because you want to make the right decision.  Our webpage has the essential information you need to get a feel for what we are about as a church.  When you do come to visit, our Connection Team folks will help guide you around our campus, get you some coffee, get your kids (if you have them) connected in the right location, and answer any questions you might have.  We look forward to getting to know you.

We pray your search for a church will lead you to the one God intends for you!  

Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday mornings worship service is designed around praise music and solid teaching from the Bible.  Our campus is has a great location (easy to get to from about anywhere in Charleston region), and our worship center is a combination of "old school" and a modern, clean design.  We start our time together in Bible Study and Discipleship Classes from 9am to 10:15am (for Adults, Students, and Kids - childcare is provided), then our Worship Service begins at 10:30am and ends by 11:45am. Come check it out!

What Should I Wear?

When it comes to dress code, there really isn't one - we ask folks to use common sense: be comfortable, be modest, and be who you are.  Whether you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, or a jacket and slacks — there's no pressure to look a certain way. God is interested in your heart, not your clothing style. :)

Will There Be Music?

Definitely.  The worship music at Northbridge is passionate and spiritual. We sing songs from a variety of genres and styles, with the goal of authenticity in our worship of Almighty God.  The Worship service is contemporary in feel and in music, with a rock-solid traditional hymn or Choir song peppered in. Our goal is simple:  we want to help you have an encounter with Almighty God through the act of heartfelt WORSHIP! 

Impactful Teaching

Our Sunday morning worship service is grounded on passionate bible teaching that is applicable for our modern culture and everyday lives.  We gather not just to hear and understand God's Word from the Bible, but also to be transformed by the very truths of God - in mind, spirit, and behavior - seeking to become a little more like Jesus each day. Our preaching is directly and unapologetically from the Bible - so if you’re looking for “church lite” (being entertained with jokes and dramas, or hearing self-help messages, or getting opinions based on cultural opinion versus biblical truth), then you probably won’t connect well with us. BUT - if you are spiritually hungry and want to hear and understand what the Bible actually teaches (like we do), then you may really like it!

Weekly Activities

A week at Northbridge is full of diverse activities, and there are lots of opportunities to get connected with some type of group or ministry service. Sunday mornings is when most of our Bible and Discipleship classes occur, our Sunday evenings are committed to Children ministry through our AWANA program, Wednesday nights are focused on Youth Ministry and Corporate Prayer, and our Life Groups meet on various evenings during the week. Whether you are college student, young professional, a young family, or empty nesters -- there are activities and ways to connect with at Northbridge and grow in your spiritual life!





Miss a church worship time?  Want to check out the quality and content of our preaching ministry?  No problem!  Check out our latest sermons from our Pastors with a simple click of a button.  To listen, click below:


Classes & Groups

We are passionate about helping folks grow stronger in their faith walk with God. That growth requires connection with discipleship classes and Life Groups to get connected, stay connected, and grow.  To learn more, click below:


community & outreach

We want to have impact in the community around us that exists outside the walls of our church, so we look for intentional ways to reach out to show the love and truth of Jesus to those willing to hear and receive both.  To learn more, click below: